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12-15-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

12-15-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: I was advised by our President that it is not necessary to have a Vice President of the Conference. It was optional. Who then is responsible for handling the election of a new President? A: It is required of every Conference to have a full slate of officers. This includes VP, Secretary, and Treasurer.…

12-8-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

12-8-2022 Questions and Answers

Q:  I am currently Conference President and may have the opportunity to serve on the City Council in the near future. Will I have to resign my position as Conference President? Can I still be an active Vincentian? I am having trouble interpreting this part of The Rule, “Those members who hold political offices will…

12-1-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

12-1-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: By the Rule of the Society, the President of a Conference or a Council has a set term limit not to exceed two consecutive terms or six years. Is it reasonable to set term limits for the other officer positions (Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) at all levels of the Society? A: There was a…

A Time For Thanks 1200 628 Jill Pioter

A Time For Thanks

At this special time of the year when our thoughts turn to giving thanks, it is appropriate to reflect on the many reasons Vincentians have to be grateful. Perhaps the two most important are the ongoing guidance of Divine Providence, which has been wondrously at work on behalf of the Society of St. Vincent de…

11-23-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

11-23-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: Can members use personal funds for payment of neighbor’s utilities if the treasurer is not available to write a check to the utility company? A: Vincentians should refrain from providing help using their own personal resources, especially since those we serve will view the assistance as being provided by SVdP.  We are not a…

11-17-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

11-17-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: Our Council gets funds donated to us from a couple of grocery chains. The funds are then passed on to the Conferences in the form of gift cards which they either give to people or use to purchase food for their pantry. How would these funds be listed by the Conferences? A: The financial…

11-10-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

11-10-2022 Questions and Answers

Q:  Should Conferences pay tuition for Catholic school education since elementary and high-school education is free?  A:  The National Governance Committee has recently reviewed and agreed to the following: Helping a family make a tuition payment under the right circumstances can be justified. Making a contribution from Conference funds to the parish or school to…

11-3-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

11-3-2022 Questions and Answers

Q:  This is not officially in any of the Society’s documents.  When no one comes forward to run for Conference or Council President, should a Council President have the ability to appoint temporarily a Conference President or, in the case of a Diocesan Council, a District President to serve temporarily until an election can take…

Governance — A Council’s Job One: Serve the Conferences 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Governance — A Council’s Job One: Serve the Conferences

Monitor Special Conditions The following special conditions should be monitored regularly and addressed as necessary. 1. Conference President’s term of office is limited to two consecutive three year terms. After the two terms, the President must be out of office for at least three years before being elected once again. Technically, as soon as the…

10-27-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

10-27-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: I have a comment in my notes that all officers of the board [and I assume officers of Councils and Conferences as well] must be Vincentians [I read this to mean Catholic]. I can’t find any reference to this in the Rule or the bylaws. Can you lead me to where this distinction is…

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