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07-21-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

07-21-2022 Questions and Answers

Q:  Should members of the Conference be permitted to perform services for which they are compensated by a neighbor who is being helped by the Conference? A:  Members of the Society should not accept compensation from those we serve for the works that we do as Vincentians. What we provide in the way of resources…

Governance — Recruiting New Members 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

Governance — Recruiting New Members

*The information in this article was provided by the Governance Committee and Vincentian Life: Conference In the previous chapter, we focused on how to retain the members you have and how to help them to grow. Keep in mind that in order for the Conference to grow we need to be able to attract new…

07-14-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

07-14-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: Our parish is giving us some generous space in the bulletin every week to get our message out. Some relatively new, but very effective, Vincentians have suggested that we publish our monthly statistics: how many individuals and families helped, etc. They also want to publish how much we spend on our assistance every month.…

07-07-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

07-07-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: Our local electric company demands a deposit of $300 for two years of a new resident at one of our rental apartments. Because of the legal concerns, after two years, that deposit is sent back to the resident if they pay their bills during the two years (even if SVDP pays the deposit). It…

Governance — Retaining Your Members: Part Two 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Governance — Retaining Your Members: Part Two

This week we offer more insightful and actionable information from the “Retaining Your Members” section of Vincentian Life: Conference. Provide recognition. In the business workplace, when someone asks the question, “what do you want from your boss in your job,” the two top answers are always security and recognition. Recognize long-time members (at 5, 10,…

Governance — Retaining Your Members: Part I 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

Governance — Retaining Your Members: Part I

We have noted several times in this Manual that progress takes time and patience. Gaining new members, increasing contributions, attaining spiritual maturity, and developing a network of relationships happen only slowly, over time. Once you have made that commitment in effort and prayer, would it not be a shame to lose what you worked so…

06-30-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

06-30-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: How much information on those we serve are we permitted to share with other organizations? Can we share our Home Visit reports? A:  Confidentiality is extremely important in the Society. It is a violation to share information of those whom we serve with other organizations unless a written and signed waiver authorization is received…

Conference Guidelines 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

Conference Guidelines

*Information for this week’s Governance article came from Vincentian Life: Conference New members have a real challenge before them when they join a Conference. There is a tremendous amount of “stuff” that they have to learn: who the other members are, principles and history of the Society, spirituality, how to do Home Visits, where everything…

06-23-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

06-23-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: Are volunteers allowed to take food from the pantry where they serve? A: Volunteers should not take food from the pantry! Volunteers are not entitled to Conference resources unless specifically approved by the Conference in the same manner as providing assistance to a neighbor in need. Give more instead to those in need. Q:…

Governance Resources 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

Governance Resources

*Information in this article was provided by the National Governance Committee Good leadership is one of the keys to every successful organization. With this in mind, the following are among the projects and materials the National Governance Committee has developed. It is our hope that these will help everyone become a better servant leader whether…

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