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05-25-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

05-25-2023 Questions and Answers

Q: A police officer with young children died from an illness and his funeral was held at our parish. His obituary read “Due to the family’s unexpected loss, the family requests assistance in covering funeral costs and the education and future for their children. Donations may be made directly to the family,” at a website…

05-18-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

05-18-2023 Questions and Answers

Q: Can the “advisors” on a Council advisory committee vote on advisory committee issues? A:  Yes, the committee members can vote on matters concerning the committee. Committees are advisory. Any matters/recommendations presented to the Board of Directors must be approved by the voting-eligible Board members before the recommendation becomes policy and can be passed on…

05-11-2023 Questions and Answers 150 150 Michelle Boyer

05-11-2023 Questions and Answers

Q:  Can a former President of a parish Conference that closed become president of an active Conference whose president’s second 3-year term has ended? A:  They can, as long as the members of that Conference accept him/her as a member, of their Conference. S/He has to be an active member which means attending meetings and…

05-04-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

05-04-2023 Questions and Answers

Q: During our bylaws review, our district officers brought up a question about VOP and 501(c)3 compliance regarding advocacy. How can VOP do advocacy without jeopardizing the Society’s 501(c)3 status? A: IRS Publication 1828 states that churches and religious organizations are allowed to lobby unless it constitutes “a substantial part of its overall activities.” Given…

04-27-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

04-27-2023 Questions and Answers

Q:  Our new president was told by our parish priest that he had the authority to shut us down if there were problems within our Conference. Can you give us some insight into this, as I was of the assumption that only our District Council has that authority? A: The parish pastor does indeed have…

04-20-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

04-20-2023 Questions and Answers

Q: Can a Council or Conference twin with their associated or other SVdP-run Thrift Stores? A: If a Conference or a Council owns a thrift store, they can transfer funds to that store’s operations at any time. This is an internal transfer of funds. For SVdP reporting, it has no income value to the store…

04-13-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

04-13-2023 Questions and Answers

Q:  How long can a person hold the office of Interim President? I have searched the Rule and cannot find this topic mentioned. A: When a President resigns or is no longer able to fulfill his/her role, the vice president assumes the role of “Interim President” until an election is held. For Conferences the bylaws…

04-06-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

04-06-2023 Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between Society twinning and co-pays? A: In Part III of the Rule, Statute 26 (Use of Funds) it states: The funds of the Society shall be used for the works of the Society, including Vincentian twinning and collaboration in payments for people we serve.  When funds are given from a…

03-30-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

03-30-2023 Questions and Answers

Q: We are currently working on guidelines for our Conference Home Visit teams. Is it a St. Vincent de Paul Society policy to get a driver’s license number or other government issued identification from everyone we visit? A: There is no National Council Policy requiring identification checks, but Conferences may sometimes find that it is…

03-23-2023 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

03-23-2023 Questions and Answers

Q:  Are all three levels of membership eligible for the Top Hat Award? Is the ‘spirit’ of the Top Hat Award to nominate someone who is an Active or Associate Member, but not necessarily someone who is a Contributing Member? A: The Top Hat Award is a local award given by the local SVdP Council, who…

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