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04-11-2024 Questions & Answers 1200 628 Kristen Blacksher

04-11-2024 Questions & Answers

Q: I am bothered by something that happens at our Conference meetings fairly regularly. We have a lot of parishioners who have shown interest in the Society, and it is pretty common to find one or two new faces at most of our meetings. During the meeting, they are allowed to vote on issues just…

Am I A Vincentian? 152 152 Kristen Blacksher

Am I A Vincentian?

In June 2008, I attended the Western Region Meeting in Boise, Idaho. I was not alone. There were 225 other Vincentians along with me. During the time I spent there, I met with many Vincentians and discussed a wide variety of topics. I also put on a workshop and facilitated two open forums where anything…

3 Ways to Build a Dream Team and Keep Rockstar Employees 1080 1080 Kristen Blacksher

3 Ways to Build a Dream Team and Keep Rockstar Employees

By Brooke Trick-Senior Director of Retail Operations North Central Region – District Council of Madison Hiring and retention are hurdles for many organizations as we navigate this modern work environment. Businesses are becoming more creative in how they hire and retain employees. Employees’ views and expectations of the work environment are shifting. Burnout and dissatisfaction…

04-04-24 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Kristen Blacksher

04-04-24 Questions and Answers

Q: Do all new programs of a Conference have to be approved by the Council, or can a Conference Board approve new programs, without the approval of Council? I ask this question because in the Governance: Council and Board handbook it reads, “No program should be allowed to start without Board approval. This includes both…

What Is Meant by “Hoarding” in a St. Vincent de Paul Context? 1200 628 Jill Pioter

What Is Meant by “Hoarding” in a St. Vincent de Paul Context?

Within the documents of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, there are found a number of instances where hoarding is prohibited. Please look at the Appendix to this document to see those specific references. Unfortunately, there is no specific place in the SVdP documents where the word hoarding is actually defined. There have been…

03-28-24 Questions & Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

03-28-24 Questions & Answers

Q: Can Councils create endowment scholarships? A: Endowments are permitted as long as they are funded by donations specifically for that purpose. Funds identified for service to those in need should not be used to build an endowment. An endowment campaign can be established to solicit funds specifically for the purpose desired. Q: Can Conference…

Voice For the Poor Updates 1080 1080 Jill Pioter

Voice For the Poor Updates

Fellow Vincentians, As the new Chair of the Voice for the Poor Committee, I wanted to update you on our work. First, the new National Council Board made a small name change and we are now the Voice FOR the Poor Committee. While our committee’s name changed slightly, our mission and focus remain the same.…

National Twinning Commission 1080 1080 Jill Pioter

National Twinning Commission

Purpose To support and promote twinning with other superior councils and to work collaboratively with other twinning partners (e.g. Superior Council of Canada) Reports To National President Twinning Is Fulfilling the preferential option for the poor, Twinning is the mutual exchange of resources, both spiritual and material, between Conferences and Councils — domestically, nationally, and…

2024 Committee Charges 1080 1080 Jill Pioter

2024 Committee Charges

Development & Communications Committee The Development & Communications Committee is charged with raising the national profile of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul by leveraging the ideas, resources, and best practices of its members in fundraising, marketing, and communications. Through collaboration and learning, the Committee will develop the resources necessary to grow the Society’s…

03-21-24 Questions & Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

03-21-24 Questions & Answers

Q: I was told by my Conference that we do not help people with rent if they are on Section 8. Is this true, and if so, why not? A: It has always been a part of the Rule that no form of charity is foreign to the Society. So, limiting the types of service…

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