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Good servant leadership is essential in helping Conferences and Councils effectively and creatively serve neighbors in need. The documents below are those minimally required for leaders, including Conference Presidents and Officers, Council Presidents and Officers, Members of Boards of Directors, Spiritual Advisors, and Leaders of Special Works.

“Leadership positions in the Society, at any level,
are always to be accepted as service to Christ, the members and the poor.
Servant leadership is done in imitation of Jesus who said: “For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many.”

– Rule: Part 3, Statute 11

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    Vincentian Q&A - (May 2022) 1.82 MB06-03-2022 DownloadPreview
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    Mentoring Program Application Packet 690.75 KB08-16-2021 DownloadPreview
    Mentoring Advertisement 26.00 KB08-16-2021 DownloadPreview
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    Dissolution of a Conference 642.43 KB10-15-2021 DownloadPreview
    Application Form for New Conferences 2018 297.82 KB08-11-2021 DownloadPreview
  • The Rule

    The Manual

    124 Affirm the Authority of Bylaws and Resolutions

    093 Ozanam Orientation


    Leadership Training

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    Date modified: 05-05-2022

    Decoding the Society’s Structure

    Size: 154.50 KB
    Date modified: 03-31-2022

    Internal SVdP National Office Department Contacts

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    Date modified: 08-18-2021

    Listing of Essential Resource Materials

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    Date modified: 08-18-2021

    Recommended Nonprofit Governance-Related Resources

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    Date modified: 04-04-2022

    Succession Planning – Brief Primer

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    Date modified: 03-02-2022

    Succession Planning Requires Preparation and Training

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    Date modified: 08-18-2021

    Succession Planning Resource List

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    Date modified: 08-18-2021

    Talking Points for Why to Go Into Leadership

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    Date modified: 08-18-2021

    Prayer for Leadership

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    Date modified: 08-18-2021

    Relationship with the Church – Canon Laws

    Size: 826.72 KB
    Date modified: 07-30-2021
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    Leadership Training N/A05-05-2022 Link
    Secretary Minutes Book (2021) 0.95 MB08-18-2021 DownloadPreview
    Bylaws N/A05-03-2022 Link
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    Leadership Training N/A05-05-2022 Link
    Bylaws N/A05-03-2022 Link
    Conference Treasurers Manual 491.50 KB09-07-2021 DownloadPreview
    Conference Treasurer Training 935.89 KB08-16-2021 DownloadPreview
    Executive Summary Sarbanes-Oxley 44.59 KB08-16-2021 DownloadPreview
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    Rules of Engagement for Collaboration and Partnerships 79.65 KB08-16-2021 DownloadPreview
    5 - Finance and Legal Matters 122.29 KB05-05-2022 DownloadPreview
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    Pre-Termination Employment Consultation Form 196.00 KB04-01-2022 DownloadPreview
    Employee Termination Checklist 71.30 KB08-16-2021 DownloadPreview
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    Regla 3.64 MB08-17-2021 DownloadPreview
    Oraciones para las Reuniones de la Conferencia 445.07 KB06-21-2022 DownloadPreview
    Manual (Spanish) 11.71 MB08-17-2021 DownloadPreview


    Officer Information

    Liderazgo Del Presidente de la Conferencia

    1 - Entrenamiento de los Presidentes de Conferencia

    2 - Lider de Servicio y Oficiales de la Conferencia

    3 - Consejos Distritales

    4 - Guia del President para Trabajar con el Pastor

    5 - Asuntos Financieros y Legales

    Proceso de Eleccion para Presidente de la Conferencia

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