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10-20-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

10-20-2022 Questions and Answers

Q:  Does the Society have a policy related to investments that is based on moral objectives?  A:  On April 23, 2016, the National Council approved Resolution 140 which identifies the criteria/process to be used in accepting donations and developing relationships. This also applies to making investments. This resolution may be found on the national website,…

Resolve to Focus on Good Governance 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Resolve to Focus on Good Governance

A new fiscal year for our Society will start soon and this is a good time to remind ourselves that loving and supporting one another while serving the poor is an integral part of our Vincentian mission. Our Conference meetings are where we help each other fulfill that mission of growing spiritually, developing friendships and…

10-13-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

10-13-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: How are international disaster declarations handled and who issues them? A: The Commission for International Aid and Development (CIAD) examines funding requests regarding projects undertaken worldwide by the Society, focusing on emergency relief in response to humanitarian crisis, disaster recovery, development programs, and projects aimed at expanding and strengthening the Society internationally. It is…

Governance — Good Stewardship 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Governance — Good Stewardship

*Information provided by the National Governance Committee What does stewardship look like in your life? Then think of this through the prism of a Vincentian lens which should have a spiritual and biblical foundation. Then ask yourself what stewardship means to you, to members of the Society, and to your respective Councils and Conferences. Certainly,…

10-06-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

10-06-2022 Questions and Answers

Q: Can a member of two Conferences have voting rights in both Conferences? Should his/her membership be counted twice on the annual reports? A: Yes, the Rule says an active member has one vote in a Conference. An active member of two separate Conferences is eligible to vote in each of the Conferences of which…

Stores Corner: Redeeming Vouchers Can Be an Emotional Journey 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Stores Corner: Redeeming Vouchers Can Be an Emotional Journey

By Mike McClanahan, Council of Phoenix, AZ Redeeming vouchers at SVdP stores is an important way that stores support Vincentians in their vocation of helping those in need, and every Council has different ways of doing this. Here’s one way they do it in Phoenix. “Bringing Hope Home” helps homeless families that get a new place…

The Meaning Of Good Governance 1200 628 Jill Pioter

The Meaning Of Good Governance

The information below was provided by the SVdP National Governance Committee. Good governance. What does it mean anyway? Governance means: Responsible use of assets and funds. Ensuring the group/organization is fulfilling its mission. Openly communicating with others and listening to others at all levels of the organization. Accurate recordkeeping for the benefit of the organization…

September 29 Questions and Answers 150 150 Jill Pioter

September 29 Questions and Answers

Q: With thousands of people facing eviction, homelessness is an increasing scenario.  Does the Society of St. Vincent de Paul have an actual definition for homelessness? A: The Society does not have a single, standard definition of ‘homelessness’. Instead, we have a Position Paper adopted by the National Council that articulates a Vincentian response to…

Governance — Do People Trust You? Advice for Building Trust and Inspiring Confidence 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Governance — Do People Trust You? Advice for Building Trust and Inspiring Confidence

By: John R. Stoker One afternoon as I was passing through the airport on my way home, I ran into a colleague of mine, Stephen M. R. Covey, the author of the book, “The Speed of Trust.”  We stopped and exchanged a few pleasantries. I could tell that he needed to get through security, so…

09-22-2022 Questions & Answers 1200 628 Jill Pioter

09-22-2022 Questions & Answers

Q: We recently elected a new President, and now have a new Treasurer.  The previous Treasurer did not think the Treasurer should sign checks.  She would make them out but another member, who is authorized at the bank, would sign it. The new Treasurer thinks that it is ok for him to sign checks as…

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