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08-25-2022 Questions and Answers

08-25-2022 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

Q: We have a situation with a Conference working with an individual who is “cheating the system” to get more help. Would it be wise for them to report this to the police or just let it go? 

A: One of the categories in our non-discrimination statement is “criminal justice status.” We also are concerned about the safety of children and vulnerable adults. If the suspicion of “cheating the system” is serious enough then it should be reported, as a matter of conscience.

Q: When two meetings are held in the month — can the Reflection be omitted from one of the meetings to shorten the length of the meeting? I always believed having a Reflection item on the agenda was a necessary item in all meetings.

A: All meetings must incorporate spirituality, fellowship, and service. While it could take several forms of varying lengths, some element of Spirituality must be included in every meeting agenda.

Spanish Translation

P: Tenemos una situación con una Conferencia que trabaja con una persona que está “engañando al sistema” para obtener más ayuda. ¿Sería prudente para ellos informar esto a la policía o simplemente dejarlo pasar? 

R: Una de las categorías en nuestra declaración de no discriminación es “estado de justicia criminal.” También nos preocupa la seguridad de los niños y adultos vulnerables. Si la sospecha de “engañar al sistema” es lo suficientemente grave, debe denunciarse, como cuestión de conciencia.

P: Cuando se llevan a cabo dos reuniones en el mes, ¿se puede omitir la Reflexión de una de las reuniones para acortar la duración de la reunión? Siempre creí que tener un tema de Reflexión en la agenda era un tema necesario en todas las reuniones.

R: Todas las reuniones deben incorporar espiritualidad, compañerismo y servicio. Si bien podría tomar varias formas de duración variable, se debe incluir algún elemento de espiritualidad en la agenda de cada reunión.

11-11-2021 Questions and Answers

11-11-2021 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

Q: Are two members of the same family allowed to serve as officers in a Conference?

A:  In the Rule, Part III, Statute 12, the last sentence reads: “To safeguard the good reputation of the Conference or Council, and therefore that of the Society itself, appointees should not be relatives of the person empowered to make the appointments.” However, if they are not related to the President, a couple may serve as officers (i.e. Vice President and Secretary) in the same Conference or Council.

Q: Does a family receiving long-term assistance from a Conference have to report it as income on their taxes?

A:  No, there is no IRS income filing requirement for charity received. It is a gift, not income. SVdP does not provide IRS forms to those whom we serve for tax reporting purpose.

Spanish Translation 

P: ¿Se permite que dos miembros de la misma familia sirvan como oficiales en una Conferencia?

R: En la Regla, Parte III, Estatuto 12, la última oración dice: “Para guardar la buena reputación de la Conferencia o Consejo y por lo tanto la de la misma Sociedad, las personas designadas no deben ser familiares de la persona que tiene el poder de hacer los nombramientos.” Sin embargo, si no están relacionados con el presidente, una pareja puede servir como oficiales (es decir, vicepresidente y secretario) en la misma Conferencia o Consejo.

P: ¿Una familia que recibe asistencia a largo plazo de una Conferencia tiene que declararla como ingreso en sus impuestos?

R:  No, no existe un requisito de presentación de ingresos del Servicio de Impuestos Internos (IRS, por sus siglas en inglés) para la caridad recibida. Es un regalo, no un ingreso. SVdP no proporciona formularios del IRS a aquellos a quienes servimos con fines de declaración de impuestos.

10-21-2021 Questions and Answers

10-21-2021 Questions and Answers 1200 628 Michelle Boyer

Q: Could you please share with me what national has for their “Global Ends” policy? 

A:   National Council’s Ends Policy is stated  in Resolution 74, to view click here: https://members.ssvpusa.org/governance/resolutions/. In this case National Office also means National Council. The Ends for the National Council are the Society’s Essential Elements of Spirituality, Fellowship, and Service.

Q:  We added a room to our pantry and our president who is a carpenter by trade with the help of other members was paid to build it. The total price of the project was lower than the cost of a hired contractor. Is this ok under the bylaws of SVdP?

 A:  It is okay for Conferences to pay the president or any other member to do a particular thing for a short term job as long as all members know and are in agreement with the terms. This could become a problem if it is happening consistently, and the Conference must be aware of any conflicts of interest. It can also be a problem if the president or other officers are paid on a consistent basis for doing regular jobs, as they would lose their eligibility to hold office. In this example the president is indeed a paid contractor. As such, good accounting and audit principles include soliciting bids for projects over certain cost estimates set by the board of directors. This transparency is important to demonstrate to the public and supporters that the Society’s leaders are not unduly compensated for any professional work provided to the Society.

Spanish Questions & Answers

P: ¿Podría compartir conmigo qué tiene nacional para su política de “fines globales”? 

R:   La Política de Fines del Consejo Nacional se establece en la Resolución 74; para verla, haga clic aquí: https://members.ssvpusa.org/governance/resolutions/. En este caso, Oficina Nacional también significa Consejo Nacional. Los Fines del Consejo Nacional son los Elementos Esenciales de Espiritualidad, Amistad y Servicio de la Sociedad.

P: Agregamos una habitación a nuestra despensa y nuestro presidente, que es carpintero, con la ayuda de otros miembros, recibió un pago para construirla. El precio total del proyecto fue menor que el costo de un contratista contratado. ¿Está esto bien según los estatutos de SVdP?

R:  Está bien que las Conferencias le paguen al presidente o cualquier otro miembro para que haga algo en particular por un trabajo a corto plazo, siempre que todos los miembros conozcan y estén de acuerdo con los términos. Esto podría convertirse en un problema si ocurre de manera constante, y la Conferencia debe ser consciente de cualquier conflicto de intereses. También puede ser un problema si al presidente u otros funcionarios se les paga de manera constante por realizar trabajos regulares, ya que perderían su elegibilidad para ocupar el cargo. En este ejemplo, el presidente es de hecho un contratista pagado. Como tal, los buenos principios de contabilidad y auditoría incluyen la solicitud de ofertas para proyectos por encima de ciertas estimaciones de costos establecidas por la junta directiva. Esta transparencia es importante para demostrar al público y a los partidarios que los líderes de la Sociedad no son compensados ​​indebidamente por ningún trabajo profesional proporcionado a la Sociedad.

Hispanic & Latino Task Force Update

Hispanic & Latino Task Force Update 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Members of the Hispanic & Latino Task Force (HLTF), along with the other members of the Multicultural & Diversity Committee (MCD), i.e., African American Task Force, were honored with the opportunity to lead Vincentians attending the National Assembly in Houston in the public recitation of the Holy Rosary. The HLTF recited the Holy Rosary in Spanish and English, starting in Spanish and alternating the praying of the Mysteries between the two languages. The response from those in attendance was incredible! Many Vincentians expressed the joy and enthusiasm they felt from participating in the praying of the bilingual Rosary.

On Saturday, August 28, members of the HLTF were blessed to present a workshop in Spanish. Jaqueline De Leon, Pura Santanglo, and Lalo Rodela were honored to present the workshop, “Discovering and Nurturing Our Value as Future Servant Leaders.” There were 30 attendees at the workshop and the response was nothing short of amazing.

Many National Assembly attendees have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to attend a workshop in their preferred language (in many cases their only language), instead of listening to the translation of what is being presented. This is a testament to the growth of the seeds sown years ago by members of the MCD as well as our National President’s commitment to maintaining and increasing our diverse membership. These events demonstrate how the Society is increasing accessibility and opportunities for our Vincentian formation, as well as educating and advocating for the issues that directly impact those we serve, i.e., language barriers. Thank you to those who have spent numerous hours coming up with the strategies to make these things happen. Thank you to all those who assisted in making this happen and most of all, thank you to those who attended both of these beautiful events.

As Co-chairs of the HLTF, Jaqueline De Leon and Lalo Rodela are determined and excited about continuing to provide new opportunities to those we serve. Along with the representatives for each Region, they will continue to promote and support increased accessibility, opportunities, and advocacy to all those we serve.

Lalo Rodela
HLTF, Co-chair

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