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Serving With Compassion: The Inspiring Work of 103 Saints Korean Catholic Center Vincentian Conference

Serving With Compassion: The Inspiring Work of 103 Saints Korean Catholic Center Vincentian Conference 225 169 Jill Pioter

In April, the PR and marketing team of the Los Angeles Council interviewed a local District President and posted the interview in their blog site. As we begin the celebration of Asian/Pacific American History month, the Multicultural Diversity Committee is sharing the work of Ken Lee, President of 103 Saints Korean Catholic Center Vincentian Conference. Thanks to Gabriel Perez and Katti Fernandez for sharing this story with us.

In the heart of Los Angeles lies the 103 Saints Korean Catholic Center Vincentian Conference — a beacon of compassion and service to those in need. Led by individuals like Ken Lee, this Conference exemplifies the spirit of charity and outreach, making a tangible difference in the lives of their neighbors in need throughout the local community.

As President of the 103 Saints Korean Catholic Center Vincentian Conference, Ken Lee oversees and coordinates all of their charitable activities. His role involves planning their outreach efforts, mobilizing volunteers, and ensuring that their resources are used effectively to help those in need in the community. Lee has actively served within the Vincentian Conference for six years. Throughout this time, he has had the privilege of collaborating with dedicated conference members and contributing to various community service initiatives.

Lee notes that the Conference focuses on providing essential support to their unhoused neighbors, including preparing and distributing meals like sandwiches and hamburgers to the hungry. Additionally, they offer essential goods and clothing based on seasonal needs, ensuring that their assistance addresses the most pressing concerns of those they serve.

Since involving young people in the activities of a parish is a challenge, Lee includes the middle and high school students from their parish in their charitable projects. He observes that they play a vital role in preparing and distributing meals, learning firsthand the value of service and the joy of helping others. This involvement fosters a sense of responsibility and charity from a young age, nurturing compassionate individuals within the community.

Lee is motivated to make a difference — even if the effort is small — to those around him. Seeing the grateful expressions on their faces each time reassures him that he needs to keep going.

Lee notes that each time he and his team deliver meals or essentials, the thankful expressions and gestures from each recipient really stick with him. He explains that it is also incredibly moving to see them step up to help other neighbors who are even more in need. This chain of kindness not only supports the community but also strengthens the bonds within it, making each act of service profoundly impactful.



You may want to share your reflection with your Conference members at a meeting.

  1. What does this story about Ken Lee and the members of his Conference inspire in you as a Vincentian?
  2. Did you notice that Ken Lee attempted to meet the needs of his neighbors without judging their circumstances or predicaments? Can you and I say the same when we go on Home Visits or serve in our pantries?

Let Us Break Bread Together

Let Us Break Bread Together 1080 1080 Jill Pioter

The Multicultural & Diversity Committee is excited to announce Let Us Break Bread Together, a program aimed at celebrating the different cultures, skills, abilities, and talents that strengthen our vocation and how we serve the poor.

We believe that by celebrating the different ways we approach feast days or why we choose one set of prayers over another we can better understand our One Society.

Let Us Break Bread Together will officially kick off at this year’s National Assembly in Baltimore. On Wednesday, August 31, when dinner is “on your own,” we invite alumni from Invitation for Renewal and past National Assemblies to strengthen our Vincentian spirit of friendship by having dinner with a first-time attendee.

If you plan on attending, here’s a guide to local dining in downtown Baltimore. We hope to see you there!

Hispanic & Latino Task Force Update

Hispanic & Latino Task Force Update 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Members of the Hispanic & Latino Task Force (HLTF), along with the other members of the Multicultural & Diversity Committee (MCD), i.e., African American Task Force, were honored with the opportunity to lead Vincentians attending the National Assembly in Houston in the public recitation of the Holy Rosary. The HLTF recited the Holy Rosary in Spanish and English, starting in Spanish and alternating the praying of the Mysteries between the two languages. The response from those in attendance was incredible! Many Vincentians expressed the joy and enthusiasm they felt from participating in the praying of the bilingual Rosary.

On Saturday, August 28, members of the HLTF were blessed to present a workshop in Spanish. Jaqueline De Leon, Pura Santanglo, and Lalo Rodela were honored to present the workshop, “Discovering and Nurturing Our Value as Future Servant Leaders.” There were 30 attendees at the workshop and the response was nothing short of amazing.

Many National Assembly attendees have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to attend a workshop in their preferred language (in many cases their only language), instead of listening to the translation of what is being presented. This is a testament to the growth of the seeds sown years ago by members of the MCD as well as our National President’s commitment to maintaining and increasing our diverse membership. These events demonstrate how the Society is increasing accessibility and opportunities for our Vincentian formation, as well as educating and advocating for the issues that directly impact those we serve, i.e., language barriers. Thank you to those who have spent numerous hours coming up with the strategies to make these things happen. Thank you to all those who assisted in making this happen and most of all, thank you to those who attended both of these beautiful events.

As Co-chairs of the HLTF, Jaqueline De Leon and Lalo Rodela are determined and excited about continuing to provide new opportunities to those we serve. Along with the representatives for each Region, they will continue to promote and support increased accessibility, opportunities, and advocacy to all those we serve.

Lalo Rodela
HLTF, Co-chair

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