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Governance: Annual Review — Part One

Governance: Annual Review — Part One 1200 628 Jill Pioter

Today’s article is excerpted from Vincentian Life: Conference.

There are a number of things that must occur at the beginning of the fiscal year.  The standard fiscal year for SVdP is October 1 through September 30.  The things identified here should occur within the first two months of each year.  This is a time of reviewing, evaluating and reporting.

Solidarity Contribution

The solidarity contribution is mentioned first, not because of importance but because it is generally due on the first day of October.  According to the Rule and Bylaws of the Society, the National Council can assess a solidarity contribution to be made by Councils and Conferences for the support of the National Council, its facilities, staff and works.  This solidarity formula will not be described here since it can be changed at any time by resolution of the National Council.  All Councils and Conferences are expected to make their appropriate contribution to the National Council.

Also, District and Diocesan Councils are permitted to assess a solidarity contribution that each expects from its subsidiaries.  There are District and Diocesan Councils throughout the country that do not operate stores or special works and have no specific source of income.  These Councils are dependent upon the support of the Conferences in order to fulfill their responsibilities.  Although this solidarity contribution is due on November 1, this date can vary from Council to Council.  The actual assessment formula from Council to Council can vary as well.

Annual Report

The Conference Annual Report is due by November 30 each year.  That gives each Conference two months after the close of the fiscal year to complete the annual reporting task and submit the report to the District Council.  Where no District Council exists, the Isolated Conference is to submit its report directly to the National Council office.

The Conference Annual Report form may vary from one year to another depending on the data-gathering requirements of the National Council.  The form is available online January 31 each year (click here: https://members.ssvpusa.org/annual-report-forms-2/) and contains complete instruction on how the data should be entered.

Data for the Conference Annual Report may be entered on a paper form and mailed to the appropriate Council or it may be entered online through the National Council Database in October after the start of the new fiscal year https://www.svdpmembers.com/annual-reports/annual-reporting-cycles. Complete instructions are also presented for online entry.  Whether on paper or online the due date is the same.

Annual Review With Pastor/Parish

After the Conference Annual Report is prepared by the Conference President, Secretary and Treasurer it is to be shared with the members of the Conference.  The President, Secretary and Treasurer should be prepared to answer any questions that the members have regarding the report.

After the Conference Annual Report has been reviewed and approved by your District Council President a summary of the annual report should then be prepared and submitted to the pastor for his review.  The review and approval by the District Council President is necessary to ensure the numbers are correct before sharing them with the pastor or parish.  Emphasis here is on the word “summary.”  The summary should also be presented to the Parish Council as well as to the parishioners through the parish bulletin.

Although this should be scheduled more often, it is expected that the Conference President will meet with the pastor and review all the work that the Conference has accomplished throughout the year.  This should not only cover what has been done but what the Conference has planned for the upcoming year.

Part Two of this article will appear next week.


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