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So You’ve Been Elected President…

So You’ve Been Elected President… 1200 1200 Jill Pioter

Thank you for sharing your time and talents with fellow Conference and Council members, as well as those in need. As with all involvement in the Society, we hope your work as a Vincentian servant leader will lead you to greater faith, an increased desire to serve, and stronger friendships.

Do you feel some anxiety about taking on a Vincentian leadership role?  Let’s take a look at a few common myths behind that anxiety.

Myth #1:  You need to know everything now.

No Vincentian has taken a leadership role already knowing everything; to be honest, no current Vincentian leader knows everything now.  What most Vincentian leaders do learn is where to look to find information, where the resources are and who in the Society has experiences and wisdom to share.

Truth #1:  You will learn and grow during your time as a Vincentian leader.

Myth #2:  You are now in charge of everything.

A Vincentian leader is a servant leader who understands the role of God’s providence. Your ultimate role is to harness the gifts and spirit of your members and direct them to growth in holiness and increased love for one another, and in ways of service to others. To do this you will need to allow God to direct you.

Truth #2:  God is in charge of everything. You are called to discern where God is leading and to follow through — and help your members do the same.

Myth #3:  You are all alone in figuring things out.

This myth could not be further from the truth. The Society is truly a global network of charity. Fellow Vincentians in 155 countries are serving those in need, as you are, and desire to do so with love and in an effective manner. As you attend regional and national gatherings, or reach out to other Vincentian leaders, you will find that many people are more than willing to share their knowledge. You will only feel all alone if you do not participate in such interactions and relationships.

Truth #3:  Most Vincentian leaders love to talk about their experiences and help each other.

Reach out to other Vincentians — even if they are not from your area — for advice and support. We will share useful information relevant to your new responsibilities in these Frederic’s e-Gazette articles throughout the year. Thank you for being willing to serve through leadership, and may you be blessed through your witness of following God’s lead in your Conference’s/Council’s service while encouraging others to do the same.

We remind you of the valuable resources on the National website and urge you to review the Governance Page where the Governance Training DVD and the other material the National Governance Committee has prepared can be found. Then make plans to use these tools.  Your Conference and Council will be better off if you do so.

Conference and Council Leadership Training Curriculum

Conference and Council Leadership Training Curriculum 1080 1080 Michelle Boyer

From 2019 to 2022, the Leadership Task Force (LTF) developed webinars to help current and potential leaders in the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. These webinars are now available as a “Leadership Curriculum” for Conference and Council presidents in both live and recorded form. By following this curriculum in the suggested order, a president can obtain the knowledge and skills to become a more effective Servant Leader.

Videos of the webinars can also be accessed on our National website, along with the PowerPoint presentations with notes, and suggested handouts. Besides recommending to members that they attend the webinars when offered by National, Council Formators can utilize the LTF materials on the web to provide training/formation to their leaders, both novices and veterans. They can facilitate discussion of one of the video webinars or they can use the PowerPoints and the notes to present themselves, perhaps adding a few local touches to the presentation.

In 2023, the LTF will offer the following webinars:

Webinars Intended for Conference Presidents:

  • Jan 25 – Survival Kit for Conference Presidents
  • Feb 15 – Recruitment and Succession
  • Mar 29 – Resolving Conflicts
  • Apr 26 – Servant Leadership
  • May 24 – Seven Duties of a Conference President
  • Jul 26 – Five Goals of a Conference President
  • Aug 23 – Management and Accountability Issues for Conferences
  • Sep 27 – Effective Conference Meetings
  • Oct 25 – Annual Reporting for Conferences

Webinars Intended for Council Presidents:

  • Feb 15 – Recruitment and Succession
  • Mar 29 – Resolving Conflicts
  • Apr 26 – Servant Leadership
  • Jun 28 –  Seven Duties of Council President
  • Jul 26 – Governance 101 for Councils
  • Sep 27 – History of Society in the U.S. (for Council Presidents)
  • Nov 15 – Annual Reporting for Councils

Leadership Training materials are on the National Council website.


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